Saturday, September 29, 2012

wool and dust

Wool and dust.

It is a beautiful thing to be so close to the lambs.  They are simply the sweetest things to watch.  Most still have those cute little faces and they are still small enough to move if they are standing on your toes (yes, that happens).  They will make a their soft lamb noises (sounds a bit like a broken lawn mower) and when they get nervous they all snuggle up -- so adorable.  

These came off the mountain (from their long summer camp) and were being unloaded from a large trailer truck.  It took a couple hours to get them all out.  Some just didn't want the ride to end?

Luis coaxing the lambs with a leader sheep. Sometimes it worked...sometimes it didn't. 

The sorting and branding start this week.  These sweet lambs are just the start of things to come~ the rest of the herd of ewes and lambs are on their way this week, too.

Wool and dust.

How is it that a girl like me could get so wrapped up in this mess, of wool and dust, and have such a beaming grin?  I am totally at home here.  I feel as though my heart knows this place and loves it.  I can't help but pinch myself every time I get the call to come work with the sheep.  It is literally a soft-spot for me, and it is one that I cherish this time of year. They are my fall friends.  

Plus~ grit, spit and never-ending adventure -- how can it get better than that?   

In the blessed barnyard,

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