Thursday, September 13, 2012

bravely connected

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God"  
                                                                              Hebrews 10: 31

The day begins early and ends late.  

I don't know where my time goes.  Most mornings, with a battered notebook in hand, I sit and order my day with a long dog-eared list. I have things circled in importance, times underlined, notes next to my boys names, and lines of things to get to next.  I often leave tiny hearts as I pray over people, scratch out things that are done, and leave sketches of blooms and leaves running up the margins. 

This is how I operate -- I am the boss and her personal assistant. 
Are you having the same life?

I am reminded again and again in lists, lines, color and sketch that my life is not my own.  I am connected to a world of other. We are connected to each other!  

Other people, yes.  Other's times and places outside of my comfort zone, emails from sweet friends that need response, deadlines and new projects, and unplanned detours for little boys that eat up entire days. Plus, the gift of a home: so many chores!  Those don't wait -- and days that are getting much shorter (that is a terrible combination.)

I am realizing, most of what I do each day is quite intimately connected to "Others" in my life.
Well, it's no wonder I can't get anything done!    

It isn't that I dislike any of these things, I love the people I live with. I just needed to see and appreciate the gifts of Other in my life~ patience, tolerance, forgiveness, unconditional love, enthusiasm and support, and much laughter.

I am also aware of the Other in my life that is not visible.  I am held together in ways that are miraculous.  My heart, my mind, my health, my relationships, this home, today's adventure (a very long list!)...are held together in God's holy hands.  How does that work?  I can't say that my life is simple or easy, it never is, but it is blessed.  Even in the messiest moments, where all of life seems to fall apart, I am tightly held.  New days come.  Life journeys detour, but smiles do return, don't they?

God doesn't let go.  He never lets go.  

I have peace. I have hope. I trust Him.   
He is enough for me.  

This day is precious. We only have so many of them and this is a great one~ 

These delicious autumn days are my favorite and they are only here for a few short weeks.  Please promise me (I will promise me, too) that we will grab each day as it is miraculously given and we will see what surprising gifts it brings. 

my youngest son on our photo shoot last fall

May grace and goodness be our friends today~
they will help us be brave!

In an warm autumn hug, 

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