Monday, August 20, 2012

Where is your heart calling you?

self portrait -- NYC summer

"Before you able to draw, you have to learn to see..."

I am back from my artist date to the big city.  Overwhelmed and saturated with eye candy treats until my brain hurt!  Have you had moments like that?  Where you just want to see and do it all and then you have to close your eyes tightly (or put something over your head) because you have serious-sensory-overload? 

looking out at the world, Central Park  

New York has a passionate hold on my heart.  

I have been many times for all different reasons and each trip is unique and life affirming.  This time I planned to be immersed in whatever the day brought.  No big plans, except to eat (delicious food I didn't have to make, lol!), allowing time for all kinds of artistic captures...photographs, pen and ink, watercolors, and bitty sketches.  I can't imagine a better way to take in the city -- every sense is heightened when you are in that seeking space.  You loose track of time and become immersed in peoples faces, bits of conversation, waves of heat and smells, and the busy pace of this wild place.  

Everything seems to buzz~

a body of work, Columbus Circle

Artist dates are imperative to our growth.  Even if it is just a walk to the corner market, your inner artist loves to be invited!  Make sure to quietly take in all the world is offering your creative spirit, God is in those holy details.  Every artist date can be a treasured experience~

If you could have a blissful artist date all your own, where would you choose to go? 

Where is your heart calling you?  

Some place soothing-quiet -- a favorite hike or lunch at the park? To sit and watch the hummingbirds on an big porch swing?

Or some place bold and deliciously exciting like NYC?     

They are all my favorites, too~

In His creative hands,
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