Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artist date

Artist date~

I am taking a bitty blog break (until Monday) to open my heart & eyes to wild-inspiration.  Don't be worried~ every artist needs this!  I love to take artist dates, it has become a necessary part of my healthy-artist-mind schedule (lol!).  I first learned about Artist Dates from Julia Cameron's early book, "The Artist's Way" and I was quickly committed.

This may be exactly what you need too!   

I will go with someone or by myself and find new light, life, and love everywhere I look (Obviously, I am not hard to please!)  I try to not be too controlling over the outcome and let myself be caught up in the childlike-wonder of what transpires.  Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, it really is fun to see where the adventure leads~

Usually I will walk or run these long dirt roads, visit local quilt shops, or take myself out to visit old barns and charming farmers markets. Often it seems I am left catching my breath~  

How about you?  Where do you visit for fresh inspiration?  

Thank you for your delicious and meaningful comments. I have poured over your thoughts on color and "body of work" and they have brought me greater understanding and even more questions!  I love it!!!

Please know you are loved and needed, 
this world is better, more colorful and alive because you are here!  

Seeing life from  
under His watchful wings,

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