Thursday, August 2, 2012

a body of work

"Body of work" 

Sounds like a phrase too simple to get caught up in, but having my heart & mind -- Oh, I did get wrapped up in it.    

What does it mean as an artist to have a "body of work"?  Why is it important, even necessary to collect those silly sketches, painted canvases, photographs, lyrics/poems written on bits of paper, and all kinds of beautiful bits of personal ephemera?  What do we choose to keep certain things?  How do we keep it?  

As an athlete, wouldn't your context of "body of work" be totally different?  (I think watching all of these amazing Olympic bodies is infusing/confusing my art journaling). I know "body of work" to my inner athlete means--let's run! 

How would you sketch or photograph a literal "body of work" as an artist?  

Loads of pencils and paintbrushes in her hair?
Or sketch a strong body and layer her with canvases, photos and art journal pages?

Perhaps I may infuse as many ideas as I can~ 

My body of work as an artist.
A healthy body: strong, able, fit and ready.  
And a body (a vessel) meant for God's goodness ~ wrapped in His love.

What would that look like? 

Just a start, but I like it, I do.

Should we think more about our body (bodies) of work this summer?
Do you have multiple pieces of art that you want to protect or keep a copy of?
Would you like to understand yourself better as an artist (the main reason I maintain a body of work)?

Share your ideas and I will too~

***p.s. I am sharing my summer art journaling videos this weekend! Yes!***

In His grace & peace always,

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