Tuesday, July 17, 2012

discipline & wild art


I don't like that word.  Seriously, it makes me feel like I am in trouble.  I think the word self-mastery or willpower is a bit easier to swallow?   However, this is the word I am wrestling with this week.  It is following me.  Do you have tag along words in your life too?

In taking some time off this summer I have caught myself running at half speed.  I thought for a week it was my age (lol!), and then I thought it was the too-warm temperatures.  Nope.  It is my un-disciplined creative self.  She decided to put her feet up and stay awhile.

The dreamer, dawdler, over-thinker.  Does she come stay with you sometimes?

Well, it is time to get going.  I am finally back to my renewed discipline of daily starts & finishes. Yes!

Little projects are humming along.

Piles of canvases I played with this summer are heaping up ~ all bright and light.  I love the way the things I did in my art journal this spring spilled out in new art.  Have you experienced this as well?  Isn't that cool?  At times when I get lost on a project, when I can't figure out to do, I go to my art journals and see what inspired me before.

Brilliant treasures ~ our sweet art journals!  

Our art journals are our best resource material.  They are our own pinterests!

They carry our trials & errors, our heart-felt creations, and most favorite...favorites.  Colors, styles, lines, content, all collected in those sweetly bound (and unbound) pages.  Can you tell I love them?  I do, I do.  

They carry what hearts and heads have generously shared ~ they are who we are.  

In my new hyper-disciplined state this month -- I opened all of my art journals, sketchbooks, and favorite reads.  I collected all the jots & tiddles I have made over the past year and created our next Wild Art Workshop.

Yes~ It is time for the next Wild Art Workshop this fall!  

I am beyond excited to have all this ready to go...it is all my heart wants to do.  I am thrilled at the chance to share my passion with you, and I hope that you will mark your calendar for time to dig into your wild side again with me.  The content is new and it just as funky-fun ~ Seriously, this is a class I want to take! 

I hope your summer days are filled with wild inspirations ~ I would love to see!

In God's love and gesso~

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