Sunday, July 8, 2012

adventures in love

May you be blessed with good friends. 
May you learn to be a good friend to yourself. 
May you  be able to journey to that place in your soul where there is great love, 
warmth, feeling, and forgiveness.  

May this change you.  

a friendship blessing from "Anam Cara" - John O'Donohue


I have decided that I can bear it no longer and my writer's itch is too intense to sleep.  I am back home (here in this online world) and can I say...I looove it here.   

My heart is home. 

Thank you sweet friends for your loving concern, prayers, email-hugs, convicting shoves (you know who you are!) and hearty encouragements -- I have needed every good word.  After weeks of letting my life sift-and-sort itself out, it hasn't been easy to get back into any routine.

But, your traveling mercies have blessed me greatly.
Bless you~   

Life isn't simple, is it?

Filled and fueled with newness and change, life is always bringing challenges.  For those of you who know me well, I consider adventure a friendly word, one I would eagerly choose for a middle name -- but these several weeks really threw me off my intended path. How could my favorite word turn on me?  Flip me upside down? happens. I am certainly not immune to chaos.
Life can really bring it sometimes...can't it?   

Thankfully there are surprising gifts in our broken spaces. God doesn't leave us alone. His overflowing love pours over us when we finally give up on our own "fixing".  I don't know why I even try anymore!  He loves to step into the messy places with us ~ He loves to tend to his sheep (I should know this story quite well, lol.)

This is His work, this is His home ~ our vulnerable and tender-messy hearts.  

It is where we see ourselves most clearly.

And, it is where we can see real love as it actually is...wildly alive, free to all, and so abundant~ 

I am thrilled to be back to my simple life -- in all of its amazing glory.     

I am eager to catch up on your summer and what creative paths you are taking.  A great gift of stepping away from a busy online life is coming back to it and seeing the amazing growth that has happened!  It is breathtaking to see the beauty that fills this online world -- Your hearts and arts have blessed me so much! 

Seriously, could life's gifts get any better than this~ you as my friend, a box of fresh unopened paint, a cool summer breeze, and simple sketches of God's abundant love?  

I adore you~ thank you for being you~ 
in love and lambs,


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