Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a wild palette

A fresh paint palette~ 

Every one of us has specific color loves.  Today I am wearing a green and dark grey shirt that I adore, but yesterday I couldn't think of putting it on, I wanted the light purple one.  I will choose things for my home, my boys, my wardrobe that are all the same color theme -- without realizing it.  I can't help it, I have very specific color addictions!     

Our color loves can stay the same -- we can be drawn to the same paint chips over and over again.  I see this in my life and in those close to me.  Clearly, they are our heart's favorites.  We love the colors we love, we instantly know what we like (and don't like!). 

Other colors come and go as as the seasons change.  Our eyes hunger for newness.  Nature is our best color instructor -- waking us up with subtle hints of color in blossoms, ever-changing leaves, and little pink ears.  The blues in the wood are so pretty too?         

(a photo shoot this delicious mustard fields.  More photos here)

I am seeing my current color addictions playing out in the photos I have been taking -- nature's divine influence on my heart's palette. It is my wild-palette collection? And even though it changes seasonally I always come back to it.  I simply can't help it.    

It feeds my heart.  Do you have colors that feed your heart, too?  

I know for certain that nature influences all of my daily art.  It is deeply rooted.  I push myself to work outside of my favorite hues, and sometimes I am willing, but I always find myself back in my delicious-comfort-colors.  Yum.  

What colorful mix are you working from today?  What are your go to favorites?

Do you have life-long color loves or do you roll with the latest trends?

As artists we have the freedom to choose every day (every moment!) what colors to share with the world...isn't that an exciting thought?  Brand new colors everyday!

May today be filled colorful sparkle~
In His hands,

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