Wednesday, May 2, 2012


No words.  

A divine pause, a long exhaled breathe, or an unexpected moment of rest, I have simply let it happen.

In the spring, the blessed barnyard is what pulls at my heart strings.  I think, wonder, hope, pray, worry... about the littlest lambs, the expectant ewes, and the never-ending drama and delight of new life.  I carry the stories in my head and heart and as much as I try to share them, I am at a loss for words.  I let the experiences flow over, around and through me and then I am so tired at night I can hardly get myself to bed.

The practical day-by-day details are revealing and fun and it would seem easy to share the silly moments -- I have loads of those!   But lately I seem to get lost in the symbolism, the deeper meanings, the shimmering divine light, and the emotional feelings that come from trying to make sense of things that don't have answers?  Does that make sense?  

I know it may only make sense to me, or perhaps it is more widespread in the art community, but I have learned something about myself the past few years:  I just feel things too deeply.

Everything (literally everything) this past month seemed to touch a place in my heart that is tender.  Like pushing on a deep bruise.  Have you ever felt this way?  I see it in my journal, I notice it in my art.  I feel it in my interactions with my boys and the sweet emails I read.  I am simply overwhelmed in blessings...I am completely undone.

So as I collect my stories, images, thoughts, and heart pieces I am feeling stronger than before.  Being healed in the broken places is what I needed.  I know this now.  I also want you to know how blessed you are, too.  For all the time I have spent on my knees (and elbows) in this blessed place, I have been reminded again and again how loved we are.  God's grace covers us all~ 

Regardless of who we are and what we bring...He loves us.  
In sickness, rebellion, fear, and abandonment...He loves us.
With all the stories we bring from our past...He loves us.  
In our times of great joy and terrible despair...He loves us.  

Do you ever question God's love for you?
He absolutely loves you.  

My head and heart are in a happy place this week.  I am so grateful for every minute I am given -- to fill that God-well of goodness and mercy.  Do you need some well-filling time too?  

The littlest lambs are happily thriving.  I love to sit in the largest pen and watch them run and jump and playfully run around their mother's legs.  I think it is time to take their lead and push out into the greener meadows this month, want to come with me?  I can't wait to see what the next adventure will be!!!  

love and lambs,

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