Thursday, April 12, 2012

i am bringing sheep

What are you bringing?

Sheep are my heart's mess.  I don't know how else to say it.  I am in love with the woollies (and they know it), I spend hours in their personal space.  In my art, in my heart-and-finger-connection, I see them show up quite frequently.  I bring them with me wherever I go (no, not literally - lol!).  They are simply a part of who I am as a person, does that make sense?  I am part sheep.  

My sister is a master chef (regardless of what she says, she really is).  If she were to art journal, I am sure her pages would be filled with delicious delicacies.  Patisseries lined with delicate papers, Jamon hanging from ceilings, and of course wee-bitty cups of steaming espresso. Yum.  My sweet friend has a new babe.  If she sketched, her pages would most likely be immersed in pink, fluff, and sweetness. 

We create from where we are and what we bring with us.  

When you are creating, sketching, writing, capturing with your lens...what are you bringing with you?  

Many times it is what I create that shows me where my heart is.  I don't always know why I am so addicted to a certain subject or color or style until it reveals itself.  Do you see this in your own art fetishes?  

I have also learned a great deal from other's sketchy creations.  I think we see things objectively in other's art that we can't see in our own.  We see their heart much more clearly in what they create.  Have you noticed that as well?  Our Wild Art class has been such a gift to me in this way.  I am blessed by so many hearts being open to sharing~ I often tear up at the honesty each heart-art displays.  

Perhaps some girls don't even realize what their hearts are sharing...Each artist's creation is a beautiful treasure!

I knew you would want to see my studio right now.  Well, here it is!  Messy, noisy, filled with new life and hardship.  It is perfect for me.  

In my last workshop we talked about the unnecessary need for a "studio" when your whole life is filled with creative space.  My kitchen counters and the dirt paths at the farm are my favorite places to imagine and create.  Our studios are constantly changing and being gifted to us!

Don't ever be limited to what you think you need.  Art journaling just needs YOU.  It is that simple! 

I hope your spring is filled with joyful creating ~ each of us has something to bring and something to share!

I adore you~
In His spring loving hands,

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