Friday, March 16, 2012

you can't mess up

You can't mess up. 

The beauty of art journaling is the freedom of knowing that you can't mess up.  

Seriously, if you don't like something you can rip it out or just layer it in fresh paint and start over.  So very simple.  There are no rules~ art journaling just needs YOU.

I love the idea, too, that those little gesso pages are a playground for our own heart-art.  The art you create may eventually grow into art you love.  They may turn into prints, gifts, or just bring you a quiet joy seeing how your art-life has grown and blossomed. You may paint some ideas (radishes) over and over again.  You may love an idea enough to try it on a larger canvas!  

There can be a good reason or no reason at all!  It is your art...  

This bitty video (3.5 minutes long) is on preparing a hard-backed book for art journaling.  I absolutely love to use books in my art, I just hope my tearing & wild gluing doesn't upset the bibliophiles that may be visiting.  

May your heart and art be filled with goodness this weekend~ 

I will be back with my finished pages!  YES!   And with the newest little lambs, too.

In His creative messes today,

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