Monday, March 12, 2012

yes...this week!

Oh my goodness!

I am so excited for this week ~ brand new & so full of promise!  Will you let me share? 

I have the honor and sweet privilege of being a guest on one of my favorite sheep blogs (ever), Sara's My Favorite Sheep.  Where I get to sketch silly sheep ~ my favorite thing to do, lol!   Her blog just makes me smile from ear to ear!  She is such a sheep-loving-girl (her woolly friends are each named with such love) and she is a brilliant photographer, a fiber artist, a great storyteller and now sheep sketcher!  She and I swap stories all year long and hold each other up, too...she is such a treasure.

Next, the fantastic workshop with Christy Tomlinson ~ The Art of Wild Abandonment  starts TODAY (this week!).  It is a culmination of so much sketching, painting, and laughing!  I am so thrilled with how HUGE and amazing the whole project turned out.     Yes!!!  

It is quite an honor to work with such an awesome artist and creative guru, and then to be her sidekick for a fun workshop is simply *over the top*.  If you haven't signed up, you should check it out.  Christy really put together a stunning (and very easy to use) classroom and you get to paint with both of us for three weeks!  ***She is going to leave the classroom open all year long, too!  (my favorite kind of online class)

On top of that...the lambs are arriving!!!  
Thursday is the real due date for the lambs to begin their arrival, but some will come early, perhaps as early as today.  I have my boots on already!  I will make sure to show you the very first babes~

So, in honor of such blissful events, I just want to tell you how much I love and adore each of you.  For all that visit here and bring such joy into my every-single-day...You are my blessings and I love you!!!

In God's grace & love,
and His never-ending adventures~

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