Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wildly fun

I knew this would be a busy couple of weeks~

The Wild Art Workshop is full of life.  Christy Tomlinson's classes are always like this.  Big, busy, and happy fun!  The girls in this class are a mix of excited energy and wild inspiration.  I adore each of them~  The entire experience from start to finish of this online class has been a great journey of hard work, serious prayer, learning curves, and trusting God with the details.  I am so blessed to see it's path through my life and the lives of others, it is a growing experience for everyone.

I can't think of better art class to be a part of~ Seriously, Wild Art has been that fun!  

This week has also been a joyful mess of new little lambs.  The stories of the blessed barnyard are filling my head and making it hard to stay focused.  Seventy Mums in wait - a few delivering every day, many of them triplets, mucho leche problemas, mud, sweat and dirt streaked tears, and serious fits of laughter over funny antics of baby lambs on new legs (and those trying to help them!)  
Oh, I wouldn't miss a day of this chaos!

For all that spring brings each year, easily the best gift is new life. Don't you agree?  That excited feeling of hopeful anticipation every morning as the sun peeks in the windows. Brand new life at the blessed barnyard. A growing list of spring chores. Hope filled pages of life in my art~ adventures in my own art journaling and seeing the process grow so boldly in others!

And that sparkling hint of pink-sun on every one's noses today.


Praying that spring is finding its way into your heart and home!  

If you haven't signed up to join our Art of Wild Abandonment class, you can anytime.  Christy set it up so that you are not late to the party, it is open for enrollment, and the playful art is the perfect mix for new life this Spring! 

love & lambs on this gorgeous day~

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