Thursday, March 1, 2012

a *simple* list

Studio day. 

Abuzz with the excitement of March, I have been finishing all kinds of new sketches.  My old scratched desk is piled with stacks of notes, colorful ephemera, and my favorite books.  To me it is delicious mix for a snowy day.

I have been going over the workshop videos, notes, supplies, and all the hopes and dreams I can fit in a three week class.  I love it...I do...I do...  

I am inspired right now by the beauty of the white canvas the snowfall is making.  It feels like the whole valley is a gorgeous sketch on bright white and the little bits of color peeping out from under the snow are beautiful watercolors.

Just seems so perfectly timed~

I have compiled *the simple list* of things you need for this upcoming class.  

Christy Tomlinson is posting a longer version of the supply list - the first week of class - for anything else you may want/need.  Her shop is full of delights and she typically gives discount coupons during the class for purchasing supplies, too.

You will need:

* mechanical pencils
* sketching notebook (this is not an art journal - just a sketch book)
* an art journal (a heavier-weight art journal or one you make from a bound book and gesso, I will show you how)  
* watercolor paper/acrylic paper - a few pages of each.
* white gesso
* matte decoupage
* paint brushes (a package of different kinds)
* a couple of nicer watercolor paint brushes (a medium round, a small flat brush, and a rigger)
* a basic set of acrylic paints - primary and favorite colors 
* a basic set of watercolor paints 
* neocolor ll wax pastels - mix of primary colors, secondary colors & flesh color (do not use neocolor l -      they will not work)
* pens ~ micron (o3/o5) or sharpie fine-point black pens, a scarlet lime pen - it writes on any bumpy  surface, white fine-point sharpie pens

I will be posting some book ideas and handwriting tips this week, too~

Questions?  Leave them in the comments and I will post as much information as I can.

This class is going to be different than others you may have taken.  First, I am so goofy ~ I will not be intimidating to anyone promise.  My heart's work is to make art accessible to you.  I will also gladly push those who are comfortable in their own art to expand their boundaries...Try something wild and new~

The multiple projects each week are all in video form - easy to use and simple to go back to.  I will help you every step of the way!  I love beginners and super-skilled artists equally, both are welcome and will find ample content.

This *wild abandon* approach to art is so hope-filled and encouraging, I know you will love it.  Plus you will get to visit my studios and play with the sheep, too.

Between my prayers for this little workshop and the beauty of the snowy sheep, I am simply floating this week~

In His great grace & peace,

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