Sunday, March 11, 2012



As much a part of us as the voice we speak and the eyes we blink -- our handwriting is with us all the time.  For some it is of no consequence, we simply don't care (I have four of them living with me).  But for others, me included, we do think about it and wish it were a bit better.

When it comes to good penmanship, I can't say I have it -- but I do try.  I love beautiful script and I love it when I can read it as well.  My Grandmothers both had beautiful handwriting, but it was difficult to read without a trained eye (do you have a Grandmother like this too?).  It can be a bit of a hardship when others can't read what you write.

I want the beauty of theirs and the simplicity of mine.

I know a few things that help me and perhaps you might like to add to the list?

The first is to practice like a second grader.  I know...who has the time?  But, I think in our everyday list-making we can write things out a few/several times, focusing on spacing, keeping things straight, and using good lettering.  You should see my notebook -- it is covered with word-doodles.

Ephesians- like chocolate.  Yes, I am a lover of this book.  I love it so much I wrote it all out in my notebook~ pages and pages and pages.  It really helps to practice writing something that inspires and to write A LOT!  Your writing gets better and better the more you use those little muscles.

Use lines to guide you.  I draw horizontal lines in pencil (if I don't have lines).  And sometimes I draw vertical lines if I know I am leaning one way or the other, it corrects the slant.  Make a little grid and stick to it.

I like letters that stand tall~

Write everything in pencil.  This certainly helps with correcting something early.  Stand back and make sure things look right before using a pen.  I have started to write something (too many times) and had it run right off the page.  So frustrating!

Correct messy with MORE.  Sometimes if you don't like how something looks, it helps to go over it once more.  It also helps to add distracting elements too:  little dots, swirly lines, plump vowels.

I am also a big fan of finding a font I like (handwriting/journaling font) and figuring out why I like it and use it as my guide for practice.  I just do letters over and over again to get the feel for them...I know it sounds silly but practice really works.  I promise!  

Tons of fonts to look at:  Free fonts

(in the early stages, in my art journal today...a love note)

In the end, it is my handwriting.  I will always be mixing it up but it remains at the core uniquely mine.  Don't be afraid to use your unique print.  Just take more time to pen a note instead of may seem old fashioned, but some things are worth holding onto.  

These thoughts tie in completely with my newest workshop begins this week... and I am so excited I am bursting inside!  If you want to do more in your art and need/want some silly encouraging -- you should join us, it will be a seriously fun adventure!  

With love, lambs, and a silly purple pencil, 

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