Saturday, February 25, 2012

sketching trust


My art always starts just this way:  I sketch, I feel the pull of images and words in my heart, and literally my life spills out onto the pages of my art journal.  Sometimes it is silly and carefree and other times it is laced with deep personal meaning.      

As my life has changed over the past couple of years, my trust issues have grown exponentially.  I know that growth with God doesn't always feel good -- wrestling, pushing through things (like a little sprout), prayerfully holding onto hope & trust in hard situations isn't an easy path for anyone.  It isn't easy for me!

I have lived in God's covering of grace during tender times. He doesn't leave us alone (ever).  God's love rains down on new growth, it is His growth, and it is always a time gifted with hidden treasures and miraculous joys.  But the necessity of holding hard onto God's strong arms (trusting) is always there.   

I often tell myself that I wrestle with my worries, doubts, insecurities for no reason.  But I still do it. 
Why the uncomfortable struggle when it comes to trust?

Learning, remembering, growing, believing, honoring, living in...Trust.  

It is honestly how our relationships grow, isn't it? We push against each other's personal space and it changes us.  It is how our marriages struggle and thrive.  It is how my boys know I see and hear their hearts - our lifetimes of trust together.  It is why I lean into my mother's hugs.  It is how I know that Spring will bring the lambs and that the littlest buds will bloom once the snow is gone.  Trust grows more trust...and it also grows greater depths of love.       

And  we know this ...God loves to grow love~

Are you on a path of nurtured growth?  Do you feel the nervous transitions of trust, too? 
Yes, we are sisters in this place.

It is time for some early Spring stretching...allowing new space for growth to happen.
Our hearts are anxiously ready to push out of this fallow ground into greater love and adventures.

I am right here with you~ let's hang on tight and see where it trust takes us?  

In His love & with his lambs,

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