Wednesday, February 1, 2012

one word *home*

My *HOME* is working on me.  

It has been a busy time here.  Boys coming and going.  Schedules overlapping.  Deadlines to meet.  But my word is unrelenting in my mind.  It meets me in my morning prayers, it follows me to the kitchen, to the laundry hampers, and even as I am pushing a shopping cart at the local market.

This place. 
This time. 

My home...This home...His home...Our home...

Every crack, twig, bit of rust and peeling paint is mine ~ on the walls, on the doors, on my porch, and in my art.  I think my HOME (one word) is making its impression on me in deeper ways...

"The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down"                  

I pray for insight and understanding.  My sketches often come before the words leaving me with open questions.  I wait for answers in this sweet place.

I have loved my little moleskin journals.  I have instantly filled one up and am half way through this one too.  The diminutive size has made it easy to put in my pockets, take in my purse, or sketch in my bed at night.  Just right.  Perhaps you will try some sketchy work too?

How is your *one word* working on you this first day of February?

I would love to hear~
In grace & peace,


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