Monday, February 13, 2012

loves to you~

 My sketchy little gift to you sweet friends~ arms full of sweetness, goodness, and love. 

May your Valentine's day (week) be blessed *to overflowing* with God's abundant love!!!

I am thinking, hoping, and praying all good things for you.  

I am sorry for being so quiet this month.  

I had a wonderful trip to the desert with my DH.  A perfect trip of warmth, delicious food, and sleep.  Every minute was blissfully fun. We were like kids again!  
And then... I came home sick.  (I don't do sick sad to be sick.)  

However, I am finally on the mend and enjoying all of the beautiful & brilliant things I see from my winter windows.  It is good to pause (right?) and for a few days -- feel the quiet peace of hibernation.  

tea and piping hot oatmeal anyone? 

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful week of love~


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