Friday, January 13, 2012

home (one word)

One word.

I tell you, I have done this now for years and it is always the same. 

My *one word* chooses me, I don't understand it, I am not even sure I like it...then it takes over my life.  

Am I talking to anyone?

I think the painful twist in this story is the way I always react to my *one word* -- it is rarely okay -- why do I fight it?  This year my sweet word made its entrance (HOME) and I immediately felt like it was a trap.  I felt as though my heart's wishes to sprout and bloom included spending more time away from my home (classes, experience, travel!).  I couldn't bear the thought of being locked in!  So, I agonizing over even sharing my word for hopes that it would change. something completely different?

Nope.  It is...home.  

In the past few days I have come to terms with my sweet word, no, more than that, I think I am falling in love.  Home has moved into my life.  It reminds me of the places I was born and raised.  Where I moved to and moved from. Where I loved and where I was loved.  Where I have grown, yes, home is always the place for new growth~

And it holds my attention as God's holy dwelling place ~ home ~ intimately in my heart.
His home is my home~  
"If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him and we will come to him and make our home with him."  john 14:23
I am not trapped, I am always home~

So, I have taken these early inspirations and a tiny moleskin book, a bitty-little thing that can fit in the palm of my hand, and I am going to collect *home* treasures.  Whatever they may be.  And for all the wrestle and spin this word will bring, I will be ready with pen in hand~

How about you?  

Do you have a *one word* chosen?  Has it chosen you, too?
Are you the kind of girl that responds to this kind of wordy inspiration?

(Past thoughts here~ one word)   I would love to see & hear your experiences~

Much love tonight~
in His grace and peace,
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