Friday, January 20, 2012

feeding sheep

Feeding sheep.

I have been a bit out-of-the-loop this week.  Spilled out.  Unraveled.  Not a bad thing, just a bit too much goodness...inspiration and creative work...on top of family responsibilities.
You have weeks like that too?  

The best thing that I could have done today -- was exactly what I did -- I went out to feed sheep.  I  realize this is a deep message to myself,  feeling purposefully timed for just right now, just when I needed it the most.  Feeding sheep ~ always ends up feeding me.  I have missed the time I have spent with these girls.  They are so calming to my spirit. I always feel more myself - my feet are firmly grounded.  The warm winter morning was so beautiful, too.  And with the farmer, horses and dogs along, it made it a farmy adventure~  

I even used my new skills (video!) to bring you with me.  I hope you enjoy~
(the last few seconds are a bit bumpy, as I am trying to get away from a wild mustang)

grace & peace~

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