Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the art of wild abandonment

I have butterflies.

Honest, real and powerful flutters of excitement~ how else can I describe this moment?

It is my great honor to be teaching a new workshop (through Christy's Scarlet Lime) and my heart is dancing in an overabundance of God's sparkling goodness!!!

Art journaling in wild abandonment~ 

This is something I am so excited to create.

Adventure after adventure is what our lives are called to -- and this will be a great one -- I hope you will come along with me?

Sketching wildly~
Seeing the divine sparkle in our lives~
Filling our heads, hearts, and fingertips with layers of color~
Dancing in our boots as our art journals sing our own heart-songs~
Understanding the riches that our art brings into our lives~
Healing & hope-filled~
Ready to bloom with possibilities~

So excited!!!

And my sweet friends at Jennifer's~ Studio sneak peeks!!!

Always in God's strong hands,
in paint and gesso~

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