Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sweet friends

I love the little birds.  

I think I must have passed this on to my boys. We couldn't decide what to do for each other or our neighbors for Christmas, but we knew we wanted to purchase a huge bag of wild bird seed for our tiniest friends.  The little finches, chickadees, and doves are our family friends.  We also get a few loud bluebirds, too. 

The simplicity of circles really plays out here.  Just let your wrist draw simple circles in a variety of sizes.  Look a where you may want a beak to go.  I liked the idea of the little birds being fascinated by the words hanging in the air below them.  

The only other trick was to use a couple of photos for some details and color.  I had to study the tails and little black faces carefully before jumping in with my own impressions.  I used very little color, a great deal of water, keeping the two pages as simple as possible.  

I think this is a sweet sketch to try with paper collage or acrylics, too.  

Today, it is Christmas card mailing day!  Having lived many places in our married lives, we have the *gifts of Christmas love that comes in our mailbox* from all over the world.  I love catching up with friends and family in pictures & words.  I treasure the cards we receive.  Our two baby lambs are gracing our cards this year (little Bea looks like she is smiling).  The inside reads, 
"Oh, Come let us adore Him"

Do you love Christmas cards too?

much love & lambs,
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