Thursday, December 1, 2011

snow inspired

New projects and ideas are piling up!

I love how art journaling just takes what is going on inside my heart to a whole new level.  I laugh as the sketches seem to playfully share with me what it is that I need to see, hear, understand.  Healing and hopeful and full of mischief!  

Are you seeing this in your sketch life too?

 (my new art journal)

The snow arrived last night and the world is white.  My favorite color ~ a blank sheet of divine white.  The perfect sketchy playground!

What will we do with these wonderful months of white?

I am putting together content for a winter class to teach ~ a sketchy adventure class of art journaling (not the name of it, but the idea behind it!).  I think it will be based on the simple sketching concepts we started here.

I will have to show you my ideas and see what you think!

I am deciding on hair & hats today~
Which do you think?

And...the sheep & lambs are packing today for their winter stay in the desert.  This is the time of year I need a good project, I miss them so!  Wish me luck (wet & cold conditions) as we round them up tomorrow for their ride west~

Snow kisses to you on this bright white day!
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