Sunday, December 4, 2011

inspired and hungry

painting with snow in the cold winter morning

Ideas come from the strangest places.

Have you had a moment when inspiration strikes...from a friends words, a random quote, a song, a memory, or a smell?  Or perhaps it is a silly idea when you are stretching in the morning?  It seems like the lead up to the winter holidays does that to me.  Christmas brings so many brilliant sparkling ideas that it is hard to write them all down.  Not all of them artistic...many of the food related (sugar cookie recipes? lol).

It is hard to keep them all in my head.  A *list of good ideas* is needed ~ and images are even better!
Images hold so many words and feelings don't they?  In photography we know them as captures.  It makes sense too, doesn't it?  A moment is caught with all the ideas/colors/feeling and narratives it holds.  

sweet packages of goodness for Christmas creating from Scarlet Lime

What is inspiring you?  Are you doing something new for the holidays or are you embracing the things you have always done?  

Do you choose colors to decorate with each year or are you a very traditional holiday girl? 

new teenage son (his birthday weekend) with the first real snow of winter  

I think we are going to embrace the end of this year with a few traditional things we love.  Gingerbread, sugar cookies (snowballs from my sweet friend Kristi), and a delicious menu of soups and bread (can you tell I am hungry?).  We will also have a tree that likes to stay organic, I can't help it, I always decorate it with nests, birds, and hops vines. The cat just loves it.  

Perhaps we will get started on some of that today (mmm...cookies) ~ how about you?

A warm winter hug from me, 
on God's glorious Sunday~

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