Friday, December 16, 2011

holiday notes

Holiday notes to self~

Watch the twinkling lights -- remember what it was like to be little again.

Sing loudly and with wild bravado -- don't be embarrassed, just sing!
Live and love with wild abandon.  
Share this time -- it won't happen again.
Look into the eyes of those you love.  See God~
Let go of expectations...  
and see it all as a sweet gift of grace.  

Today's sketch is one I love.  I love the simple & symbolic.  Initially  I thought I would create a collage -- I most likely will come back to this sketch again.  But, today it will be simple, pencil sketched in my current art journal, and watercolors.

Gesso makes the colors more vivid and texture rich.  I am excited for the final results - layers of paint take time to dry.  

I believe it is a vessel (a silver mug) -- holding my current state of creative play and my holiday notes (above).  The poor brushes look a bit wild don't they?  Wow, that is a great representation of my current state of mind!  Lol!


To all the girls that participated in my sketchy inspiration ~ bless your hearts!  I have a whole pile of sketches still to post!  

I am overwhelmed with your *lists upon lists* of inspiration!  I hope it helped you, too.  I have randomly picked a few names for the ornament gift.  I hope your name is among them, if it isn't please know that I adore you and wish I could send everyone a bitty gift!  I do...I do!  

I had many share the same ideas, so in the end, I had to be totally random with choosing names.  If you are listed, contact me with your address:  I am mailing everything this weekend!

Donna - sheep sketches
Kate - Cardinal birds
Barbara - snowmen and angels
Lynn Richards - brown sparrow, barn, red berry bush
Karen - snowmen
Jennifer jru - charlie brown tree

I will be finishing this mug of holiday fun tonight -- come and see?

In His grace & holiday peace,

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