Saturday, December 17, 2011

holiday colors

Holiday colors

My youngest son asked me what colors to use for a Christmas wish list.  I told him I would use every color.  Christmas is a celebration of color!

Snow's brilliant white
Trees deep greens
Gold sparkles on the ice capped wheat left standing in the fields
Hot pink cheeks and shivering lips
Cobalt blue sky as the sun sets & rises
Orange glow of the fire in the woodstove
Brown mugs of delicious cocoa with those tiny marshmallows

Isn't it a deliciously exciting part of creating ~ color.  

I have always been afraid of color.  I would lament over my choices, harbor fears of "what if I change my mind?", and wonder if things "went together".  It always stopped my from finishing projects or even starting them!  Have you lived like this too?  

It is time to step out from those stumbling blocks.  

The holidays are a perfect time to be brave.  Use your favorite coffee browns, royal purples, robin egg blue, and bright happy yellow...why not?!  

Our wildly colorful God seems to love decorating his world with sparkling color~

I am in love with the look of layered watercolors on the gesso paper.  It is yummy.  I simply added grey and a bit of brown on top (for the silver mug) and highlighted the edges in black, letting the paint run down as I went.  The brushes just ate up the color and I penned right over top when they dried.

(The poor brushes look how I feel tonight -- a bit wilty?)

Perhaps this weekend you will sketch something to paint in riotous holiday colors?

I can't wait to see~

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