Thursday, December 15, 2011

finals + lattes

Latte love.

I love the idea of sketching the sweet and silly things of life.  This is one of those.  This past week has been a frenetic race to finish art projects (I have been in art school all semester), support my young sons in their holiday programs, and provide some stability to a home of teens and young adults as they labor through the final assignments of the semester.  It is quite a feat.  

These sketches are an obvious reflection of a needed & favorite muse~ 

It is fun to just make some simple circles and see what comes to mind.  Why not?
This morning I began the watercolors on my line of chickadees...and they are all from simple circles too!  Easy peasy!!!

*     *     * 

Our 3D art class was an absolute treasure.  Six hours a week we labored in a huge workroom, many of us having to spend hours more finishing projects just to keep up with the course.  A small class of art majors and non-traditional students mixed in.  Today was our final critique.

A brilliant art major finishing her gorgeous lamp.  I told her she could sell it on ETSY easily~

My kinetic sculpture and my final post deconstruction sculpture -- I am so thrilled that they are finished and they were well liked.  I think the splinters in my fingers should count for part of the final grade!

Now that my classes are finished I am ready to jump into the holiday.
What should we sketch today?

Try a sketch of simple circles and see what happens~

For questions about what I use for my sketching and painting ~ here and here.

I am going to be doing a class very-soon (mostly in video) detailing watercolors, acrylics and all kinds of messy-mediums.  It will be loaded with content -- I promise! I will make sure to include all the questions/answers you may have.  We will experiment together!

Jamie~ I owe you for two!!! xo

Hoping your day is merry and bright~

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