Wednesday, December 21, 2011

circles of love

I think we are here for each other, too. 

I hope your week has been extra sweet and that you are finding time for some quiet moments in your day.  I sat last night with my notebook in my hand and within five minutes I had fallen asleep (at 6:30pm?).  It's okay, I am finally learning that I need to have timeouts and re-charge more often.  Creative downtime, right?

The snowmen sketches are so simple and fun.  Nothing takes you back to your childhood like drawing those big sloppy circles.  I love it!

Again with simple watercolors and loads of water,  I just filled in color, shape, and shadow.  The splatter has become a new fetish and I practice a couple of times on newspaper before clobbering my page with the mess.  If you get too much paint (watercolor) it is easily to fix with a quick dab of paper towel or bit of sleeve.  The real trick is in staying playful and light ~ no-stress sketching!  

*     *     *     *     *

Shall we do a few more simple circles?

Sleepy sheep.  

My holidays typically hint of lambs and sheep -- but this year they are center stage.  I am embracing it.  My boys love it -- every little heart-shaped nose and dirty woolly fleece.

My heart is caught up in God's message as the Sheepherder and the way he loves His sheep ~  Overwhelming.  Unending.  Never forgetting.  Passionate.  Wholehearted.  LOVE!

Do you know how loved you are? 

Praying for hearts to know Him,
with His love & lambs,
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