Friday, November 18, 2011

work & play

How can this be work?

I think the last two photo shoots I have had this week were the best therapy I could have asked for.  I laughed so hard and played so hard I think they all thought I was a bit crazy.  I am quite sure I am~

Every time I spend time photographing people is a gift.  I am entrusted to share in a vulnerable place where people cannot hide (images share truth) and for a brief moment in time, we together capture what is real.  Here, now, honest, sweet, and transparent.  I love every minute and find lasting friends in each encounter.

I have studied photography since my first film class in junior high school.  It wasn't until I had enough money to purchase film (after bills were paid in Residency) that my addiction completely took over.  Hungry to capture time and light it is an unrelenting state.  I can wear myself completely out in on a drive just to the next town.  Visually I study the lines, the quality of light, the changes in landscape from week to week (the fields of farms).  If there are sheep close by I am completely tormented to stop and see how the grass touches their hooves and the way the light warms up their dirt strewn wool.  I can't help it.

Are you a passionate visual artist too?

Do you love to see how the light moves across a hand or fingers, or a sweet baby's nose?
(This is my beautiful Mum painting with me this week.)

Do you feel the need to capture it in words, images, and art?  What is your artistic addiction?

We are clearly made for each other~

(And -- The bride and groom photos turned out beautifully, these were just a few that captured my attention tonight.)

in God's creative playground,
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