Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what is your next step?

What is your next step?

Every bitty step towards a goodness-filled life is just this simple. 

Today~ What is my next step?  

I am happy to say that living this "next step" way ~ I have enjoyed life at full-speed the past several months.  Literally finding my path ready and waiting as I stepped out of bed in the dark mornings.  It has been an epic adventure.  Each day has begun with a prayer-filled willingness to take on the day's challenge and to push the envelope of abundant love in my daily (creative) life...  

I ask for divine abundance in my heart, my thoughts, my energy, and my relationships.  I pray big prayers over you, too.  Then I put on my shoes and go~ 

Seeing the places, experiences, growth that has occurred because of a simple choice of abundance is amazing. It isn't easier -- it is perhaps a more challenging time all the way around -- but, my life has become *more*.  Does this make sense to you?  

Does a heart grow larger?  Arms more able to hold?  Knees less tired?  (oh my...Yes!)

I feel that in your notes, emails, and your blog posts too~ many of you are experiencing a *more-real* life as well.  Do you see this, too?

For me, it has been a time of pushing up my sleeves and being actively engaged.  Fear has met its match this fall ~ I haven't flinched.  Have you been brave too?  It is a brilliant thing to create without fear, it is new to me, and I feel blessed by it's absence.

And the growth I have seen in this sisterhood of online friends has been amazing.  I am praying for your next steps and I feel your abundance of hopes for mine as well.  How can we be so blessed (!!!) to have each other on this dusty, messy, (and oh-so-sparkling) path?

I don't believe we travel alone on these journeys~

Today is a good day to plan out my next steps for this season.  How about you?

I have a sweet early-holiday treat to share ~ new photos and a wild and crazy wish, too.  
Will you come back to see? I think you will love it~

grace & peace for this new brave day,
now go!

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