Saturday, November 5, 2011

a new book

A blessed book + gesso = love.

I have been back in the paint this morning.  Among the many things I should be doing this weekend, I threw all my paints out on the kitchen counter and made a huge mess ~ and had a huge beaming smile on my face.

Oh, paint.  I love paint.    

I know there are other forms of seeking nirvana, meditation, contemplation, prayer...but some days it just takes a bit of play in wet color to make my heart happy and quiet my thoughts.  I talk to myself, too.  (It is better if no one else is home and the music is on, too.)

Now for all of you who love Beth Moore, I understand if you just lost your breath.  "My heavens girl, look at what you just did to that book!"  I know!  I love it! 

Of all the books/authors I could have chosen, picking one of her books just made me happy -- and I think she would love it.  I have read and re-read this book and decided that as part of my therapy I would use it as my canvas.  Why not?  My sweet art journal will be blessed & infused in a huge outpouring of Jesus love.  Amen. 

If you are not comfortable using an existing book for your art journaling -- just choose a notebook or one of the many art journals you can find in your local shop.  (I think I promised to do a post on this didn't I?)

I wanted this book to start with where I am right now.  It is going to be a book of wide-open-discovery of God's influence in my daily life.  I have sat awake at night with ideas for sketches...this is where my creative heart is living right now... 

I don't know what tomorrow's art will be -- I only know to expect something...

I am also very excited about Christy's class starting this week, her influence on the art journaling movement is so fun and playful.  If you haven't joined in, why not?

Any girls still following along in the sketching process, I am still sketching loads!  I hope you are too.  This new book will incorporate some of those newest sketches. Come on~

If you are inspired to follow along, please do.  I am always so inspired by what you share!

In gesso and Jesus,

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