Monday, November 28, 2011

her days are filled with sparkle

Her days are filled with sparkle~

Could the holidays come at a better time?  It just makes so much sense for the sparkle, fresh snow, and holiday music to come just when I am so sad that fall is leaving.  The perfect way to re-focus and lift up my eyes to the happiness that "new" seasons bring.

I love the simple and sweet things the cold & wet bring ~ delicious warm treats and time to curl up with books, paints, and percolating holiday ideas.  Have you noticed that so many great ideas come to you when you just sit still?!     

I remember as a young girl being so caught up in the holiday "creating".  My sweet Mum was always making something new and brilliant and we (my sister and I) would dig right into her messes.  We would have weeks of making beautiful ribbon roses, ornate Christmas butterflies, large painted soldiers, and bows of ribbons galore!  So fun!  There was always something being made.

I guess that is why I am in full sparkle mode this week.
Doesn't it feel like it's time to get everything off the table and make something fresh and new?  

 I have had some Q's about my new project and class.  First of all, this is quite simply (one of) the craziest things I have attempted this fall and I love it.  I am not shy in front of a camera, my problem is getting all of the techie things figured out.  How I wish I didn't have such steep learning curves -- I pat myself on the head every time I figure out something new (good brain!).

The class is organized into 12 different projects.  I am focusing my part of the class on my new little "winter hats" decor/ornaments.  I have at least 3 video segments showing every aspect of the process and I sketch, paint, decorate, and embellish 12 different  ornaments all together.  Plus I give you the sketches to print and all my little hints, too!

The only thing I don't do is art journal any of them.  I will do that here at home -- with you!

If you are on the fence about signing up, a few of the other teachers have posted photos of their projects too.  You may want to have a look~ sneak peeks.  This is the last week to sign up!!!

Thank you for supporting my art and artistic tries...I couldn't do this without your encouraging support (remember I live with all boys? lol!)

The other reason I have been away.  Look at those faces~ 

It is always a holiday rush for a photographer.  I love what I do and I love that I can be intimately involved in creating a family photo.  It is always a gift to me!  I will be updating my photography blog with all new photos this week, I love them all!

Give a gift of photos this year ~ you can never go wrong with that.  

From my sparkling home (not clean, just lots of glitter) to yours~
in the shelter of God's unshakable hands,
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