Friday, November 4, 2011

autumn happiness is...

Autumn happiness is...

I took my cue today from sweet Kelly Rae who always finds a circuitous way back into my life.  She is gift to me - and to many of you - on these creative paths we walk.  Almost like the leaves that are flying around in big lofty plumes, these reminders of my creative journey are falling down all around me.

I have been feeling overly blessed by the gifts of this season and my heart is simply maxed out!

Creative play + boys

This has been a happily creative year and my lists are still full of things to try.  
Do you still have a full list too?

My sons have been helping me with a photography project this fall. I am working on visual collection based on Walt Whitman's preface to the work ~ the Leaves of Grass. I have shared part of it before here.  We have a lot of fun out in the open fields, climbing rocks and trees, and trying to keep warm as the cold approaches.  One son, Joe, got smart and started charging me a modelling fee.

Seeing the world in a new way. 

The change in color, light, and mood in autumn is in such high contrast.  My heart is never ready for the green to be gone from the mountains, the leaves to fall in massive waves, and the trees to stand naked.  Are the changes hard for you, too?  

Bu,t the things I wouldn't have seen before are lit up and alive~

Snuggling sheep.

The sheep are home in the valley.  We have been out to play with Kate and Bea and their cousins.  Hay is put up, the stalls are cleaned, the dogs are happy, the sheep trailer is parked, and my boots and insulated bibs are hanging up and are ready to go.   It is hard to stay focused on the road when the fields are filled with all the beautiful sheep.  

Smitten, yes, I am smitten.   

Wet paint.  

The art classes I have been taking are in full gear.  Twelve hours a week of classroom instruction and hours of workshop/homework are seriously hampering my online life.  And, I am in love with it all: new tools, ideas, jargon, creative collaborations!  I have a hard time sleeping when a new assignment arrives, my mind is just giddy.  My art professors are brilliant artists themselves and for a girl like me it is pure play (seriously hard - but fun).

I do realize that along with missing my blogging time, I have been missing my paint.  As fun as all these class assignments are, painting is pretty sweet.  I spent last night with my new art journal, getting the feel for the pages, color, sketches.  I am already in love with it and I haven't even started.  Yes.  

I know what I am going to do & I am excited to show you!  

Thank you sweet friends for your patience with me this fall, my absence is only here online, you are always in my (prayer-full) heart. 

Much love in His
grace & peace,
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