Saturday, October 1, 2011

two boys & a sweet story

Thought I might share a collaborative project I did with my little boys last week. 
This is also an art journal -- in photo form.  There are no rules (remember?). 

Brainstorm ways you can use photos in your art journaling for next week~ 

Our take on the sweet storybook~ 
Harold and the Purple Crayon   (Crockett Johnson)

One evening, after thinking it over for sometime, 
Harold decide to go for a walk.  
He made a long straight path so he wouldn't get lost.

And he set off on his walk, taking his yellow paintbrush with him.  

He cut across fields, watching the flowers, weeds, and dragonflies light up as he approached.  

Reaching the trees the leaves brightened into buttery yellows, 

and led his path straight to an azure lake. 

He walked along the shoreline, softly brushing the water and creating a soft glow.  

 He loved painting his world with happy color and imagined his paintbrush 
mending the broken places he found...

...and bringing happiness to others. 

Surely more adventures await this little boy and his golden brush.  

Goodnight Harold. 

silly fun~ thank you boys!
(and now you are famous on Mum's blog)

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