Saturday, October 15, 2011

outside blessings

early morning in Sun Valley, Idaho last weekend

Life seems to make more sense when I spend it outside.  
You too?  

I moved sheep early this morning.  I am much happier when my day starts with them.  These crisp fall mornings are my favorite.  Changing colors minute by minute, and the sunlight seems crisp and pink.  My camera in hand as the sheep moved against the early morning sky, it was perfect.

Take time today with pen & paper, camera, paints (whatever your latest fave), and sit on your porch or in a park ~ not in a car ~ but someplace outside your home/car/work.  Feel, see, and live in the realness of right now.  Drink it in and let it work it's magic into your heart.  

And let's see what you see~  

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