Sunday, October 30, 2011

harvest treats

Most likely a bit too old for this hay bale maze (however, I would have gotten lost I am sure), his sweet head peeks over the straw.  We have made it a date to go to the pumpkin farm together, Joshe and I.  

Have you stepped into the magical land of God's gorgeous harvest this year?  
(Try seeing it from a child's point of view.)

Freezing fingers and pink cheeks we walked between boxes and rows of gorgeous squash, monstrous pumpkins and wild gourds.  We had to pick them up, hold them in our arms, and laugh about their shapes and color.  We talked about how the farmers grow what they grow.  We visited with the dog, ran through the straw bales, and picked out the very best pumpkin pie pumpkins of the year (they are "tricksters" for your information).   

In love with this magical place as much as I am, he can't get enough of these pumpkin totems (made with fairytale pumpkins, oh my goodness!).  We walked through the gardens and wondered what we would plant next year.  

He talks about things he knows I like,  "Mom, do you want a picture of this?" 

"Mom, would you plant this pumpkin in our yard?" 

We plant ideas in our minds for the season of hibernation and spring, always looking ahead. 

At home, his art is painted, drawn, taped, and carved.  Another (very) messy artist in the house.

We take turns making the messes and then help each other clean them up.  I am so lucky he and I share the same creative space, his art inspires and encourages me, all of us, putting silly smiles everyone's face.  It helps me to be silly and free in my daily creating as well.

Why not start a project right now in the middle of lunch?

Who's to stop you when his shared enthusiasm is so contagious? And attempted with such abandon?

Thank you sweet son for reminding me of *all of the life* I forget when I live in my too adult world, your adventures are so much fun to share.

Harvest treats to you~
in the glory that God provides,
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