Wednesday, October 12, 2011

autumn arrives

(please click on this image to see it bigger ~ i just love it)
Safely home.  

As October begins, the sheep start trailing home.  First one rancher's herd and then another. The mountain trail is a long one and as come down into the valley -- they are tired.  We rest them here before we walk them through town.

Look at all of those happy sheep! 

I like to walk with the sheep.  Men coming off the mountain will be on horses and others ahead will zip up on four-wheelers.  I don't mind the walk,  I love to talk to the sheep and catch up on their summer holiday. 

Poor dogs are so hot and tired they just plop down in the irrigation ditch.  I don't blame them~
I thought originally that these were our last years puppies, but they belong to another rancher.

Sweet faces.

Our community has a pen that is used just for livestock gathering, cutting, shearing, loading (and whatever else?), and it is a gathering place for now.  We will spend the next three hours as the men chalk the lambs (tagging them) and pushing sheep through chutes.  The sheep came down with another group of sheep and they have to be carefully separated one at a time.

It is quite a fun event. All the sheep ranchers in the area are here (and their dogs).

I have more photos of the day, but these are my favorites so far.

Unpacking and catching up with life this week, the weekend was filled with *all sheep/lamb goodness* in Idaho (no Internet) so I am a bit behind on posting.  But, I am home and ready to fill in the gaps.

Your sketches are sublime.  I have been amazed at the beautiful things in my email.  Your artistic fingers and hearts are alive with color and feeling.  I can't wait to see what you will do this week!

love & lambs,
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