Sunday, September 25, 2011

the vines

Another little sketch for my art journal with the simple steps.

(These few posts are in response to the lovely Q's and comments I have received about art journaling.  We are doing a shared exercise and would love for you to join us.)

The sketch, taking out the lines that I didn't need and adding a bit of the vine in pencil.

Washing in the browns and yellows.  It's good to work loosely (not controlled and tight) and to use more water than less. This one works though, the dry brushing on the ends looks like wood grain.   

Adding in the Virginia creeper vine was simple.

It is just three colors of green and a small brush. With a crisscross motion (like little x's) I just skipped around the spaces adding depth and highlights as I looked at the vine -- this time leaving a bit more white.  Now to do the detail in pen~

These gorgeous vines are changing quickly to red right now so it would be fun to do another in a week or so.

How are your art pages coming today?

a colorful hug,
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