Saturday, September 3, 2011

trying new things~

I am celebrating this weekend. 

We have survived the first two weeks of school:  Yes.  
Perhaps for others it may seem a bit trivial, but when you are faced with multiple boys,schools and schedules it is quite a crazy feat!  

I am also wanting to share with you my latest artistic adventures and invite you to adventure, too. 

Hello sweet artists ~ welcome to a new season! 

There is so much variety to what your head/heart/hands can do.  I wrote recently about being overwhelmed by all of the creative choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed with good things on the internet.  There are amazing teachers, video clips, styles, mediums, groups, and for some of us artsy-girls we get excited by many (or all!).  Am I speaking to anyone?

I think for me it was the narrowing down exercise that helped the most.

In the quietness of an afternoon I took my pen and paper and began a sketch.

It started as a word bubble pattern ~ you know the divergent/convergent drill.  Adding different thoughts as they showed up in my heart/mind.  I wrote them as simply as they came and I let them progress outwardly.  It became a tree in the end, and the messages were clear:  

The things I wrote down needed to be my focal points.    

Then I prayer-fully waited.

Within a day things started to appear in my life.

I will share a couple of these big & small project ideas with you every day this week.

The first sweet thing I wanted to share is this simple sketchbook project.

I don't know if you have heard of it, but for creative girls with any smattering of interest in sharing art with the world ~ this is brilliant.  You sketch a tiny booklet based on a theme of your choosing (or randomly chosen) and then you mail it back to the collection.  You add your art to artists all over the world.

The hardest part for me was the idea that my little creation would fly away and I wouldn't see it again.  You can have it digitally copied, you can visit it, or you can simply create...and let it go.

I felt I needed help in creating and letting go.  That simple prayer was answered.

How do you feel just letting your art simply fly away into the world? 

Sketchbook project here.

Roberta's sketchbook plan here.

I wanted to work with new mediums.  

Then I fell in love with black canvases.  I am addicted to the way it excites the other colors and makes simple shapes bounce.  I am working on several ideas and hope to have some to show you soon.

I needed a push in my photography.

Photography is a serious art and I wanted a strong teacher (forcing me to do the hard things) and I wanted a community of like-minded students to help me walk the difficult path.  Little did I know it was just down the road.

I have thrown myself into a new photography class at our local college.  It is exactly what I thought it would be: stretching.  It is full of young minds, (I am the oldest student) and it is a wild challenge.  I am being pushed way out of my comfort zone already ~ oh my, yes.  My teacher is brilliant and motivating, I adore her already.

When signing up, the registrar looked at me and said, "Wow, you are brave."

Yes, yes I am.

I will be back tomorrow with another new idea.  Come and see~ I hope you will join me in making some new pathways in the journey this new season!

(I have new pics of the lambs, too)

love & lambs,

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