Monday, September 19, 2011

sketching o1

(These few posts are in response to the lovely Q's and comments I have received about art journaling)

Are you getting sketchy?

I will tell you honestly, I am not a perfect artist.

I am a messy, sketchy, silly and divinely led ~ imperfect artist.  It fits my personality.  It is great for getting started in wildly imaginative projects and it is perfect for art journaling.

Want to join me?

I think the basic things to think about with this kind of art, may be the things we tend to overlook the most.  I think we all agree that getting focused on product is fun and insightful, it is one of my favorite past times, but it is secondary to the sketch.

The real work & fulfilling joy in art journaling is what your heart wants to share with you -- right now.  

You can sketch and paint anything you want (or that you have been assigned to sketch) and become a better artist but the meaning behind the work you do won't be the same.  I believe art journaling is to help us each individually learn, stretch, see, hear, understand and be in awe of our beautiful lives and give our daily work deep meaning.

It is a gift to have awareness, aliveness, divine leading in your art~ One you can have!

(just me ~ being a bit distracted, taking photos)

Let's focus on sketching today~  

There is a sense of hyper-focus to sketching. It is an inward asking and outwardly expressing exercise.   A beautiful thing to develop that will help you in all aspects of your art (I promise).  You simply ask yourself, (your divine-inner-self),  "What do you want me to see today?" 

Perhaps your inspiration comes from simple words or meanings that are following you lately.  It might be a song you can't get out of your head, a photo you just snapped, an object you saw on a walk, a place, a person (or kitty) that has your immediate focus.  It may be an image you see in your head (and heart).

 Kate & baby Beatrix last night

*    *    *
What is it right now What is it that is speaking to you right at this moment?
Is it a horse's nose (remember I am rural!) | the garden hose | neighbor's chickens | a branch and nest | the latte and newspaper in front of you | your purse slumped on the chair |  little toes | pot on the stove | books on the shelf | his baseball cap | the soccer ball | a watering can?        
For me, today, it was so simple.  I asked and I immediately thought of this -- my old and trusty watering can.

Always remember, simple is best.

I typically use a #2 mechanical pencil and paper (I will share pencils and types of paper with you next time).  I focus on the simple shapes, the most basic forms and lines.  Sometimes I squint to see what is most important to see.  At times I will change the focal point or the entire composition if it doesn't feel "right" to my inner self.

As much as I want an honest representation, art journaling is about sharing what is deeply felt about your inspired sketch. I can make my drawing as big or small, as thin or wide, as dark or as light as I want, it is my lovely sketch.  Yours will be different than mine.

If I want a *real* representation I will just use my camera!  


I could use any of these perspectives or change the context entirely by putting the can in the garden or next to some potted plants.

Having the object itself is the easiest way for me to sketch.  I can see light falling on certain areas, colors are more vibrant, and sometimes I get a clue as to why I am sketching it?  (And sometimes I don't!)

This is what I ended up with.  A simple line drawing of a watering can, some sun on my back, and interesting thoughts about what this object says to me today.  Sweet.

What did you end up sketching today? really is simple.  You can do this!

love & lambs,

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