Monday, September 5, 2011

Holy in the mix

Divine moments~ 

I seem to be lost in them this week.  I am not sure how they happen, but happen they do, and I am in quiet expectancy of more.  I see them right now as *holy touchpoints* :  little treasured gifts from God to keep my heart open and my head up.  

Do you feel this at times too? 

Part of my narrowing of choices for this fall season (last post) has to do with being brave, trusting, and spending time with others.  I wrote it several times in several places.  They each call to be included in this fall mix.  

Can I tell you something brilliant? 
It is happening.  Every one of those sweet words is making her presence known.  

I am joining a group of lovely ladies for a semester workshop on the unique pilgrimage between the contemplative life (the life of a nun/monk) and a seeking artist.  Sound sweet?  (Joan...I have the book for you! xo)

I am so thrilled, nervous, excited, and captivated by it -- at the same time.  

*  brave  *  trusting  *

If you feel strongly in your life's journey that you need a strong spiritual grounding, you can have one.  It is here beneath your feet, above your head, in your hands, in your eyes...holy is here.  It is right here with you and me right now.  God is with us and God is for us~ 

I am a spiritual person, and for me God's goodness and mercy are life altering every day ~ a new adventure awaits!

And of course, as I promised you...the sweet lambs in their green goodness.
((Look at all of that grease I get to clean off your mug))

love & lambs to you,

More ideas for fall projects tomorrow!
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