Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hold this

The artist's tools

Everything we touch/hold and use to create becomes a immediate tool.  An extension of our fingers the pencils, pens and brushes are our hands, our heads, our hearts.  The simple pencil for a time is a sacred object, helping us create what it is we inwardly see.  We each can look at the same object and make many different works of art  --we each bring our own hearts into our art, don't we?

If you have sketched much this past week you know it can be a bit frustrating at times to get the message across to the paper.  "This is what I see mr. pencil...why can't you make it look that way?"  Do you wonder:

Why do I sketch so small?
Why do my lines always go to the left?
How come my shape turned out looking like something else?
Why do I always choose to paint things purple?
I have sketched it three times, why can't I do it right?

We aren't here in this space to do perfect drawings.  We are not perfect people who do perfect things (I am not).  Our sketches are more than just drawings to get right, they are the inner workings of our hearts -- literally.

What is going on in side of you will manifest on paper.  It has to, it is created out of you.  

Do you see how this is true?  Can you look at your sketch with an honest heart and feel the good intentions your bitty drawing is sharing with you?  Perhaps it is a restful sketch or a reminder to you to find rest.  Perhaps it is a drawing of a pathway leading you into something new.  Or it may be something very colorful and alive or subdued and serious.  There are no wrong answers here, this isn't an art class, this is art journaling and it is very different.  

(painting in the shaded parts first ~ why not?)
It is you and your inspired art ~ at play. 

Each day's art may be completely different in design and feel, that is okay.  Your message in your art may only make sense to you, that is okay.  Your art may not even make sense to you, and that is okay too.  It is all a playful process of learning to trust yourself, being gentle with yourself, and letting your artist play freely.

If you sketch a bit wonky, join the club!  I am a wonky sketcher and my paintings tend to run off the pages.  It's okay, embrace your creative wonkiness in this space -- you are safe here.

(color washing the blue in layers ~ changing the color a bit and adding more on top)
Learning to sketch and add color and words is divine art.
It is letting the spirit sing in a new way in our lives.  That is so exciting!
To me, my daily art journaling is a beautiful & healing form of worship.
Do you feel that too?

We are working with color and words this week.  Take a moment to quietly wonder what your sweet sketch is speaking to you.  Is your work asking a question?  Sharing an encouragement?  Reminding you of something?   Do you want to write words or thoughts or prayers?  

Let's work on our journaling next~ 

How are you coming along? 

grace & peace,
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