Friday, September 9, 2011

art loves art

I really dig into a study that is topical.  "Stones" are one of those kinds of things my head likes to swirl and spin.  This time however I am letting my heart do the speaking ~ a language that is sometimes hard to hear.  (shhh...)

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I wanted to share a couple more ideas for getting out and learning something new this season.  

Art loves art.  

When I am in a place creatively where I am afraid/unable/blocked, I do something rather extreme -- I go see what others are creating (and usually get involved).  I am still the artist that I am, it just gives me a new layer to explore, and I think it pushes out the boundaries that I didn't know I had.  

So my journey this fall took me into the local college's art department (An amazing resource!)  I wanted to try a class that was *out of the box* for me, something I could do when my boys were at school and something that I hadn't done before.  I chose a 3-Dimensional art class ~   

I am immersed in lines, color, and form. The materials are all new to me~ electrical wiring, aluminum conduit, and finding unique ways to connect pvc pipe to create a lamp for my photo studio.  The teacher is a brilliant sculptor, so the class is very informative (and silly, too).  I am loving it already.  Use your local Universities for inspirational classes!  

Pinterest.  <the link) If you aren't already addicted to this pinning idea, you should be.  It is a great way to excite the sleeping artist and get you motivated about hundreds of new ideas.  I am in love with it.  Make sure to find me and let's be friends?  I would love what your eyes see, too. 

Sketching. <the link)  I am loving this simple, tiny, easy to try book by Alwyn Crawshaw.   It is a really little book and it doesn't go into everything, but it has perfect vignettes to try and watercolor helps, too.  I am keeping it close.    

After my *Holy* post I had a lot of emails/comments about the book I was reading.  I love to share good gifts and this definitely is one of them. 

The Artist's Rule.  <the link)  This sweet book is full of creative good.  Christine is a brilliant writer and the material is perfectly suited for my journey right now.  You know those kinds of reads? 

If you are a Christian that hasn't been exposed to much of the Monastic life of Monks/Nuns, this book may be a reach for you.  But, If you understand the love language of lectio divina, the prayerful depths of contemplative living, and love the inner workings of a monastic life ~ you would love this book.  

I really don't know how better to state it. 

For a bit of background, my reading is deeply entwined with experiences of the divine from many places and people, I love to read.  I love the deep spiritual depths of St. Teresa of Avilia and the life-in-God-lessons of Brother Lawrence.  At the same time, I am also a great devote of Shane Clariborne's writings on The Irresistible Revolution:  Living as an Ordinary Radical, Beth Moore's bible studies, and all of the wonderful books by Julia Cameron (combining a creative life + the Creator).  I think reading other's encounters with God opens up all kinds of brilliant connections in your own life~  

I am sure for some this is a wild mix of authors.  It's okay, I am a wild adventurer ~

Just remember that *art loves art* and your creative life can be enriched and fed through engaging in new things.  Don't ever be afraid to try~  
new piece of music
a poetry reading 
trying a fiber art
visiting a working farm
visiting a quilt shop
jewelry class
making a video clip
laying in the fall sunshine (not creating!)
a day of quiet prayer
looking into an art class 
taking an online art class 

I am excited to see what you are doing, your art always blesses me.  

Love and lambs (and lamps!),

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