Tuesday, August 16, 2011

silly & serious wonderings

mr. bird...wondering on a wire

When life is looking particularly dark, and you feel yourself to be especially concerned, discipline yourself to ask of yourself what I discovered some time ago to be the most important question:
Is there any chance I am taking things a bit too seriously right now?  

(my reading this morning from "the Art of Resilience", Carol Orsborn)

 Ben (my oldest) letting loose with the lambs last night

 rubbing heads with Kate & Beatrix

Giving Kate a bit of help with a smile ~ she is still trying to adjust to her new life as a sheep

I pulled out my sketch book Saturday and made notes of my *want-to* plans for the fall.  I labelled, circled, doodled, and wrote little prayers in between the lines. What a mess.

I have so many things I want to learn, to see, to do!

It helped to put it all on a sheet of paper ~ like making a map of where my heart is leading me.  I can visualize the paths and see more clearly.  

It isn't helping yet, I still want to do it all.  

I settled on a few personal commitments to myself ~ stay on my authentic path (my divine path), make sure I am 100% for my own sons when we are together, push out the boundaries of my creative self (don't be limited by what I have done in the past), spend time with others (artist-junelle can hibernate too much), and have my adventure bag packed for spontaneity sake.   

Sounds good~

Do you ever have to meet with yourself like I do?    

Some silly & serious wonderings this week,
We could have done better on your bangs...

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