Monday, August 22, 2011

the farm babes

(our two bottle fed lambs adjusting to farm life away from our home)

She is learning to see the world differently~

For Kate every smell is new.  Her new friends are all woolly and make funny sounds.  The grass is green and lush, not like the dry alfalfa she is used to.  The fields are expansive and wild, so she rubs the fence line and looks out at the dirt road.

What is she thinking?  

Baby Beatrix has adjusted better.  She finds the grains are to her liking and loves to sleep under the tractors -- she smells like grease (not an attractive smell).  Her favorite morning glory vines are growing rapidly and she keeps her little pink nose down looking for the sweet treats.

A photo of Kate and I last week during one of our *meeting of the hearts and minds*.  She looks so sad but after she bounds across the field to see the silly horses.

She is learning to see her world from a new perspective~

And meet little Wilbur.

He found his way off the mountain (or he never made it to start with) and was brought here to stay with the misfits.  Perhaps he will help Kate & Bea find their way into the flock?

We are all finding our way in this new adventure aren't we?  

The road home is always interesting, but this morning is laughable.
Can you lose something this large off your truck and not notice?

Grateful for everything you help me to see & learn in this blessed place~
love & lambs,
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