Tuesday, August 30, 2011

creative structure

As I said, every sketch is introspective~

Penciling in the details of my workspace, I see the colorful lines that give my creative life structure.  My writing desk, my baskets of "fluff", my stack of books, stamps and spools, frames and friends.  

All the things that bring my heart to the art~

I also sense the mirroring this sketch has for me -- helping me to see myself in new light and with a new lens.  I need to clean a few things out of my creative life?  I need to see myself in other artistic ways?  

My real workspace is not this neat & sweet...it is a workspace (lol)!  

*     *     *     *

I am also finding that as I approach my art in a more central way (meaning: watercolors love to express themselves best in the middle of the kitchen), I have little boy eyes that see and want to do the same things.  

Paint is a attractive and addictive playmate.

In my son's describing the beast he created -- he wanted to make sure I noticed the a wild and colorful heart he had inside.  Love that.

*     *     *     *

In response to the questions of the pen I am using, it is just a simple .o1 micron.  I have also been learning the differences in brushes (I am a newbie).  I have tried several and noticed that I gravitate to the brushes that have a bit of an edge.  I am learning the nuances of the watercolor brushes - they are so delicate/sweet compared to the monster brushes I use for mixed medium art.

As always, with any new art, there are many new things to try & many mistakes to make.  The learning curve is always steep the first couple of weeks.

I also see that my head takes longer to catch up to what my heart longs to express.  
Are you a heart artist too? 

I am off to sketch the front gate today~
What are you up to this week?

And for the fall schedule.  Oh, my~
I am about to share my next adventures and I hope you are ready to share, too.
Can I give you a bit of a hint?

As always,
In His wild adventures with love and with the lambs,

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