Friday, August 5, 2011

books of life

(yellow~ i love this yellow's yum)

I have had this idea floating in my head ~ books.

When I think about my personal life:  past experiences, places we have lived, children born, opportunities we have shared, I often see it played out as chapters in a book.  Or as I sketched it here, as separate books all lined up together (a tumble of books would have been interesting too, hmmm...).  Some of these are thick and full of detail, others are short and sweet, some are still in progress. 

After letting the sketch sit awhile, mentally percolating, I start with color.

One of my favorite paints are these neocolor crayons.  I use them all with great abandon, wet and dry.  I used an acrylic base first (on this page) and added color layers with these crayons.

I can't go wrong with these, if I don't like what I have done, I just pull off the color with a bit of water and the edge of my shirt (or a paper towel).  The only difficulty is being able to write over them, they don't seem to take a pen well.

I use multiple coats of paint for the thick coat of messy color and sometimes it takes a while to dry.  The humidity helps the paint to crack and pull up (it has rained here almost every afternoon).  I adore that old book look.

Adding the headings with my black pen, I decide to oversimplify and lump places and times together as they make sense to me today.  I was much more detailed in my first sketch, adding more books and ideas.  The fun part about art journaling -- if I have a different idea tomorrow,  I can simply sketch another page~


My books as I chose to paint them today:

* little me, my childhood dreams
* so in love (early marriage)
* moving, education, babies
* a new heart, Jehovah Jireh (God, my provider)
* yes and amen
* love and lambs
* today (here and now) Philippians 4 

The sweet black book in the middle is my book on Loss. It has a pretty heart book mark. Grief, loss and resilience ~ is a very real part of my life and I put it right in the center where it belongs.  A reminder of it's defining place (and ultimate grace) in my life.


 After writing out my sincere thoughts about these books (the other lined page), these pages are finished.

This process today has been so helpful.  Some art is emotionally/spiritually refreshing to create and some art seems necessary for healing changes & growth.  This one was necessary.  Images and ideas still flood my mind at night.  I sit up and sketch, writing in prayers between the lines, asking for insight and help in my creative messes.

Are you in the middle of some healing and growing art too? 

In His creative & healing hands,

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