Thursday, August 4, 2011

bit of catch up

(my dining room, touched with my Grandma's beautiful art and tea set ~ gifts of love)

*     *     *     *     *

I had a few posts to share before this week began, but a wild adventure trumped my organized plans and I resorted to packing -- frantically.  I will share those fabby photos this weekend (so fun!).

Now, I am playing a bit of catch up.

I was wanting to share a tiny canvas of love and sheep~

  (My mother and I thought to use these ancient muffin tins as painting palettes)

My canvas, a wee-bitty thing, was painted quickly and then cut from a stretched canvas.  The sketch is of course a little *romeo* ram that I have used before, my sheepish trademark (BlessEwes).  The super thick paint looks like lumpy potatoes until it dries.  Then painting in summer blooms and messing up the wool with bits of weeds and pollen -- that make a sheep a sheep.  Adding that last heart shaped nose~ sweet.

Paint dried and silly details added, I sew the canvas to a postcard of thick brown paper. Covering all of the paint, stitching and edges with matte decoupage and letting it dry again before slipping it into an envelope.

Off the little punkin goes to Australia!

This postcard project was a shared collective of girls from all over the world ~ postcards seems to share the right bit of friendship & love, don't they?  Stitching and blooms were the theme.  I love creative projects like this.  Tiny, sweet, not too much time, full of love, and exciting to see what comes in the mail, too.  Yes! 

These kinds of projects make my creative mind swim with all the fun ideas to be had as soon as summer cools off and the boys are back in school.   I do love wee-bitty projects...I do...I do...

Have you taken part in a creatively shared project before? 

*     *     *     *     *

And a bit of color and fun in a new summer kit at Scarlet Lime .  It is summery fresh and ready for creative fun!  I ran out between the thunderstorms for this bit of photo fun~  

In all of your crazy summer fun, do you have a bit of catching up to do, too?  

Let's pick this week and get to it! 

love & lambies to you~

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