Thursday, August 25, 2011

beginner's ink

It is a busy week.  

All of my boy-men started school.  Each at different times and in different ways -- four sons, four schools.  Each needed me and didn't need me.  My role as Mum is being re-defined every morning over breakfast~  

But, I wanted to share with you a sketch that spoke to me Monday.

On the first day of school, an artist I hadn't seen before, came into my creative life through flicker (photo sharing groups).  She had painted a couple of bikes in watercolor that just lit me up.  I felt so strongly about the image, that I sat and sketched the bikes (the painting above) from her finished painting.  With lots of eraser fuzz everywhere, I found some paints that would work and went for it.  

I ended up loving the result and so I tried another:  

It wasn't much of a reach to understand my simple sketches that day.  Our daily lives have been ordered by morning & evening bike rides. My youngest son is addicted.  Each boy has taken his turn during those years when bike riding with Mum was *pure-boy-joy* and now those years are almost gone.  I am so lucky I was their bike buddy~

This is my last son to ride this little bike.
And we so make the most of it, we ride...and ride...and ride...

(I am sure these images also have a great deal to do with  the journey I am personally on -- What is God breathing into my creative life?  Where am I headed?)

(a bike hug)

*     *     *     *     *

So I have decided, I will sketch a bit of something every day and add a bit of color ~  no rules, no limits.  I will let God do the leading.  I will sketch what is in front of me or what I my eye sees~

I have loved the quiet moments of meditation it brings to sketch and paint, it is very calming.  And even though it isn't great, I think it is good enough.  This really is me at my 7am-self this morning  (note to self: journal after the coffee, it will make more sense).  

Do you have a creative passion that is also a calming meditation?  

*     *     *     *     *

Can I just remind us both today -- it is okay to be a beginner.
(There are no expectations for a beginners...yes and amen?!)

We learn by watching -- and loving our great teachers -- 
but we really learn when get the paint wet ourselves, right?

Trying new things is a bit unnerving, but it is also the best place for new ideas to spark!

And if you do a little bit every day -- it can be so simple.  
Just write your 3 pages, do a sketch, take a few photos a day, pull out your old 
watercolors (like me) and get them wet, pick up a class at your local college.  

Just take one is that day to try~

Our creative spirits want to sing, dance, write, and make delicious art~ 
Let's not just sit and watch others, let's just get in there and do it~  come on!!!

I adore you and am thinking of each of you my sheep loving, artsy friends.  
I hope this is a great season of new growth for you, too.

Now get going!

love & lambs,

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