Saturday, July 23, 2011

a sheep sketch

a sheep sketch

Even when I am not out walking and talking with the sheep, they take over my life in unpredictable ways. I see their forms in the clouds, I find myself making life & lamb comparisons in conversations, and I sketch them in late hours.  I am so sheep smitten! 

I wonder about them in the mountains now~  

Two weeks ago we took them on their favorite trip -- from one end of the valley to the other and up to the high mountains above us.  They love to go.  They know where they are going (they really do) and they are full of happy spunk.  

(Of course, this being my year of messiness, I ran into a problem with my camera and am having to show you pictures of our last trailing.  But you don't mind, do you?  Sheep behinds look the same to you?)

My part of the trailing is to run along side the great herd and try not to lose anyone.  It is easy for a dozen or so sheep/lambs to find their way down a ditch bank, along side a wood fence, into someones garden.  I have to keep an eye on where the sheep are headed and a close eye on what they are doing right behind me.

I talk to them.  It really is one of the best therapies I know.  I should offer that service?

Thousands of sheep...

This year, there is so much snow on top, where they are headed, that they couldn't reach the camp.  Thirty foot snow drifts covered part of the area.  I can't wait to see pictures they took and see for myself.  It has been the strangest year for snow/rain here.

Now that they have left, what will I do?   (We still have Kate & baby Beatrix - they are the next posting!)

I will paint them.  

I am staying up late at night to finish some of these pages.  It keeps my heart filled with creative delight and it also quiets me in ways that other creative pursuits don't.  I think I like painting.   

I adore these sweet woollies and hope and pray for them - and their sweet shepherd every night.  

I combined my romantic frivolities and whimsical colors for a *silly-romantic-sheepish* heart page. Do you like my hopelessly romantic sheep?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend~

love and lambs,

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